Olivia Rodrigo's Guide to Effortless Skin-Care and Makeup | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Pop star Olivia Rodrigo’s skin and makeup routine has become a daily reminder of self-care.

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Olivia Rodrigo's Guide to Effortless Skin-Care and Makeup | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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    Shop this beauty routine: Glossier Beauty Bag: glossier.79ic8e.net/159eQR Glossier Stretch Concealer: glossier.79ic8e.net/kjOgGz Glossier Boy Brow: glossier.79ic8e.net/Xxmy3o Glossier Pro Tip: glossier.79ic8e.net/e41vPr Glossier Ultralip (Coming Soon): gls.sr/ultralip_comingsoon

    • 90s bby
      90s bby

      @crazy tech no 🙈🙈

    • 90s bby
      90s bby

      ​@Seraphina Its the Hyaluronic Acid!!

    • 90s bby
      90s bby

      @foosheezoo the ordinary! Its the Hyaluronic Acid!!

    • 90s bby
      90s bby

      ​@Yamileth Pintado The Ordinary Its the Hyaluronic Acid!!

    • 90s bby
      90s bby

      @Crystal Tan its not out yet!!!

  • Ananya C
    Ananya C

    she's so cute pls i love her

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl

    Is no one gonna talk about when someone knew her even with the mask and sunglasses and all they said is “I really like your song” like I- Honestly. I can’t. I don’t get lucky and if I do... I screw up at the end😭

  • Ouixx

    shes so cute and down to earth, feels like im listening to a friend.

  • kattfox

    PLEASE do Megan Fox

  • Hope Redubla
    Hope Redubla

    you are the sweetest girl i love to watch every day. i love u oli.

  • Josie Alsace
    Josie Alsace

    gorgeous as always

  • Belen Castillo
    Belen Castillo


  • María José Leyton S.
    María José Leyton S.

    they're cousins

  • estefania esquiro
    estefania esquiro

    wtf como va a ser tan hermosa😫😫💗💐

  • Janelle Cruz
    Janelle Cruz


  • daria d
    daria d

    shes so naturally beutiful

  • nam nam
    nam nam

    we want FAOUZIA's skin-care and makeup

  • Kãtšu

    What gummies are those 👁👁

  • Enaaya Anwar
    Enaaya Anwar

    Did she even wear makeup 😂😂😂 like she’s literally LITERALLY the definition of a natural beauty

  • Tocoolforschool

    I love her

  • Soniya Zanzote
    Soniya Zanzote

    She effortlessly so beautiful ❤️😭

  • VIH


  • Grace Park
    Grace Park

    With or without make up her looks still the same shes pretty really😍

  • Catherine Deng
    Catherine Deng

    1:45 she looks like she's crying lol

  • Sam Gonzalez
    Sam Gonzalez


  • Rubelyn Shinsay Guimong
    Rubelyn Shinsay Guimong

    I really love olivia

  • tomato

    lmao "this ordinary serum" can literally be any of the 500 with the same looking bottle

  • emily brown
    emily brown

    i love her

  • Louella Quimba
    Louella Quimba

    with or without make up you're still prettyyy😭😍💓💗

  • Louella Quimba
    Louella Quimba

    so cute☹️💓 argh I love you

  • Sali X
    Sali X

    YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL ALREADY! Btw love your songs. The more I listen to it the more I get addicted 😂

  • Mike L
    Mike L

    omg she looks like Julia Barreto

  • C Y
    C Y

    Foundation/bb cream Concealer Blush on cheek bone Highlights on cheek n inner corner of eye Brow Eyeliner Mascara Lipstick

  • yudi ortiz
    yudi ortiz

    Olivia saying "eyeliners are sister no twins" it's my religion 😂 I love her

  • Angie Martinez
    Angie Martinez

    Ugh i miss her who remembers seeing her on American girl movie and american girl doll when you were younger😂💖👍

  • vivi valencia
    vivi valencia

    she’s so pure

  • Dominique Reinier
    Dominique Reinier

    Anyone else remember her in the American Girl Movie Grace Stirs Up Success?

  • Nitya Gupta
    Nitya Gupta

    When Olivia said she pretended to do a Vogue Makeup Video in her bathroom, and talking to the mirror... I know all of us can relate to that 😂😂😂

  • Ashritha Kalakuntla
    Ashritha Kalakuntla

    i appreciate the burt’s bees chapstick

  • Jeimy Fuentes
    Jeimy Fuentes

    So no sunscreen?🥺

  • Ashley Druckrey
    Ashley Druckrey

    some day can i see you

  • 90s bby
    90s bby


  • cindy mxns
    cindy mxns

    she reminds me of Eiza Gonzalez!

  • nathi orellana
    nathi orellana

    She’s so pretty

  • 13 24
    13 24

    bruh she looks exactly like my cousin

  • xᴏᴍʟᴇᴛ

    She is so pretty🥺

  • Ava Lange
    Ava Lange

    how can anyone dislike this video it’s literally the sweetest thing

  • Ana Dias
    Ana Dias

    i just love this girl with my whole heart 🤍

  • o e
    o e

    She so cuute

  • strawburrymiilk

    stream skin

    • ningningie

      yup, stream skin and deja vu!

  • A literal cancer
    A literal cancer

    She cute.

  • Luanny Evelinn
    Luanny Evelinn

    Come o Brazil Olivia

  • Angela Medina
    Angela Medina


  • its Killer
    its Killer

    Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

  • its Killer
    its Killer

    I love you

  • its Killer
    its Killer

    I like toi

  • its Killer
    its Killer

    I love this gril

  • gaachhh on the road
    gaachhh on the road

    giiiirl wheres the moisturizer and sunscreen... like wtf

  • KIM Jeon
    KIM Jeon

    Idk but im seeing a little bit of miss universe catriona gray

  • Jamaica Tubal
    Jamaica Tubal

    I believe in half-filipina beauty supremacy 😩✊

  • Jamaica Tubal
    Jamaica Tubal

    Why cant everyone notice that she looks like catriona gray?!

  • Roshini Moorthy
    Roshini Moorthy

    She looks better bare faced

  • ok bi!
    ok bi!

    doesn’t she play full asian characters when she’s a biracial white person? privilege can made u blind which makes me wonder if she is blind to it? however, that doesn’t mean she gets a pass on what she did. on another note, i just wanna say that full asian people who *look* mix/light skin even if they’re not mix are as privileged as those who r biracial. and before someone brings up “why r you bringing up the race card”, hollywood loves white biracial people & white people. u guys r literally the top!

  • Grace

    her natural skin and the color of her lips

  • Yasmine Jerbi
    Yasmine Jerbi

    #save_Palestine Israelis are forcing Palestinian people to leave their houses in a neighbourhood called Sheikh Jarrah and they are arresting and killing innocent people who are praying in the mosques there

  • vhibi mona lisa
    vhibi mona lisa

    i loveeeee heerrrrr sooo baadddd

  • Marleni Lopez
    Marleni Lopez

    I love Billies make up to!!!❤

  • Hankie

    What serum is she using?

  • Wonderful Smile Smile
    Wonderful Smile Smile

    Next, BLACKPINK members. I’ll ask this until my fingers fall off.

  • rina chan
    rina chan

    I NEED more videos of her sooo bad I'd love to listen to her all day long :(((((

  • Olivia Rubby
    Olivia Rubby

    "eyeliners are sisters not twins" -olivia rodrigo this makes me more confidence to do eyeliners😊

  • A Ric
    A Ric

    I had to go look this gorgeous girl up and then wth happened all this Disney drama lol. Either way Disney is in the light.

  • Ana

    literally went to the glossier website to find the lipstick she was using only to realize it isn't out yet 🙃well played glossier

  • CreativeAlienum

    Which ordinary serum ? ^o^

  • Glaizza Reyes
    Glaizza Reyes

    She doesn't need makeup, Makeup needs her.

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      she is so cute, I love her

  • Miss Pitter patter
    Miss Pitter patter

    She is perfect

  • Leslie l Ruiz r
    Leslie l Ruiz r

    Olivia doesn't need make up love the make up natural and I think she's really better with out make up but all that it matters Is that she's happy😃❤💕💖 Love her💖

  • Quynhh Chizz
    Quynhh Chizz

    "eyeliners are sisters not twins" lmao =))

  • Brigette Ramos
    Brigette Ramos

    what is the name of your guasha stone if i may. Thankyou .

  • The Wise Wang
    The Wise Wang

    I love how her guasha matches her shirt color haha.

  • Reyna JENNNA
    Reyna JENNNA

    olivia is so beautiful

  • Taima Waleed
    Taima Waleed

    Does anybody know what serum she did use ?

  • Rysa Chibana
    Rysa Chibana


  • Atmath 192
    Atmath 192

    I never been so In love with someone I don’t know 😭

  • Yukon Cobbs
    Yukon Cobbs

    Good actress and funny tioo

  • Shanni love
    Shanni love

    Omg she's beautiful

  • Mandy

    Her pits 🤢

  • Delilah Montgomery
    Delilah Montgomery

    sponsored by Glossier? lol

  • o e
    o e

    I wish l liv in her skin just for a day

  • Blaire Rose Forbes
    Blaire Rose Forbes

    she is so cute, I love her

  • Awesta

    Am I too old to know her? I really don’t know her? Or maybe I’m just Patrick the star

  • Adrián López López
    Adrián López López

    I love this

  • マリーノーハン

    She's so beautiful even without make up💕

  • Brea Miller
    Brea Miller

    OK I DEFINETLY need Taylor to do one of these. Gurl i need your skin.

  • La'sha

    I’m in love with Olivia’s hair! 🤎

    • La'sha

      ^i also love how positive she is!

  • Imange Ndondo
    Imange Ndondo

    Why can i relate to her skin care routine ☺😄😄😄😄i like her

  • hayleigh marie
    hayleigh marie

    She’s so down to earth, she definitely gives me Millie Bobbie Brown vibes!

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    When Olivia said she pretended to do the same thing in her bath room... I know all of us can relate-

    • nazareth

      copied comment lol

  • chilly zibra
    chilly zibra

    I dont know why she reminds me of selena gomez they kinda have similar chill vibes and her voice is low toned too like selena . She's very pretty and talented thoo💛💛

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      She doesn't even need makeup

  • SoftturquoiseMSP

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOliviaaaaaaaaaaa I'm your biggggggest fannnnnnnnnnnn

  • Evelyn Hintz
    Evelyn Hintz

    Sisters. Not Twins. Girl, thank you for saying less is more.

  • Shakira Rahman
    Shakira Rahman

    jeffry star left the chat

  • Lizzy Woodhouse
    Lizzy Woodhouse

    despite the overuse of the word ''like'' and the fact that she didn't keep her hair up while doing her skin care routine (which shows a bit of vanity on her part), she sounds pretty level-headed for a girl her age and that's very rare these days unfortunately

    • lotus! blossom!
      lotus! blossom!

      how is that vanity???? lmfao she probably didn’t feel like she needed to

  • rikki

    her teeth are perfect